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Preserve and enhance a unique heritage.


Since 2018, Maison Ousmane SOW has been honoring the work of the famous sculptor who was the first black man to enter the Academy of Fine Arts (1993).


This place entirely designed and built by Ousmane SOW in the Ngor district (Dakar) faces the challenges of strong urbanization and a limited surface area.

limiting the hosting of general public activities.


The desire to perpetuate and extend the scope of transmission and impact of the work of this major Senegalese artist is at the origin of the future creation

of the “Ousmane SOW eco-cultural space”.


A complex which will be established in the Lébou village of Ndayane on the Senegalese coast.


15,000 m2 dedicated to promoting all forms of art. This is thanks to a multifunctional bioclimatic infrastructure

Offering an atypical and hybrid experience. An invitation to sharing and artistic and ecological reflection.


A vector of innovation in the value chain of sculpture and eco-design, democratizing art through new technologies.


At its heart, an identical reproduction (facsimile) of Maison Ousmane SOW.


This project was selected for technical support by the World Bank. It was selected for its quality and impact, among around thirty projects analyzed.

Discover in pictures the future Eco-cultural Space

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